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Comments on commenting


Thank you for the kind comments and suggestions regarding my last post. As Michelle mentioned, I think at least some of it has to do with the change in the weather (no offence, Autumn). Knitting-wise, I did take Bells’ advice and started on something in my Ravelry queue that will fill a gap in my wardrobe. It’s not quite bloggable yet, but it will be soon.

While on the topic of comments, a couple of interesting conversations about blog comments and replying to comments have occurred recently. It made me think about how I acknowledge comments on this blog, and whether they are within the bounds of good blogging etiquette.

Receiving notification that I’ve got a comment on my blog truly makes my day. It amazes me that people find the content of my blog interesting enough to comment on. It makes me feel part of a community, for want of a better word, and provides me with the motivation to keep blogging; to try to find ways to make the content more interesting. It’s also made me realise that other bloggers must value comments as well, and as such, I comment a lot more frequently than in the days before Pransellknit was around.

All of that said, I really don’t know if I show my appreciation for comments sufficiently. Correspondence is not my strong point, so my way of replying to comments is a mishmash of email, responding in a subsequent post and commenting on the commenter’s blog. Sometimes I don’t reply at all, though this is usually only if the comment doesn’t include a question or I’m familiar with the blogger (in that we comment on each other’s blogs regularly). Now that I’ve said I occasionally don’t reply, it seems rude. Is it?

As a commenter, I don’t expect a reply, but it’s nice when I receive one. Again, I don’t know if this is the norm.

I’m really interested to hear what other people’s opinions are on comment-replying etiquette. As a commenter, do you expect replies, and if so, how do you like that reply to come to you? If you have a blog, do you have a policy for replying to comments? This is all very unscientific, but it’d be nice to continue the discussion, and see if should be showing my appreciation to commenters a bit better.

What’s hot and what’s not, Christmas Eve edition



Christmas. The lead up is always manic, but it’s a relaxing couple of days and I get to spend time with my family.

Knitting on planes. Finally!

The veggie garden. My tomatoes and chillies have gone berzerk. Stay tuned for tomatoes and chillies forming part of the ‘not’ list in the future as we run out of ways to use them all up.


My ankles. I hurt them while going for a run about a week ago. As a result, the amount of exercise I can do has diminished greatly. This has made me a bit of a cranky pants.

Sugar. I’ve consumed too much lately and I know it’s only the beginning. Must engage willpower.

(more at Loobylu)

As it is Christmas Eve, it’s more than likely that this is the last post before Christmas Day. On that note, I’d like to wish everyone a very merry and relaxing Christmas break, however long or short it may be!

What’s hotter and what’s notter

Still no non ‘Hot + Not’ blog content, but there is some on the way.


Hot + Not, brought to you by Loobylu!


Knitting. Despite (or perhaps because of) the lack of blog posts, it’s been a pretty productive knitting week. Hap is done, Matt’s jumper is being seamed and Victory is over half finished. My mind is wandering to potential next projects, but I will resist until Matt’s jumper is done.

Today’s Google logo. Even thinking about it makes me smile. Is it because the ‘oo’ is his eyes? That the other letters are choc chip cookies? That parts of those choc chip letters are missing? I think it’s all of those reasons.

The realisation that in just over 3 months, we’re going to Japan! Japan!!


Possibly one of the most insane ‘nots’ that will ever be uttered – the public holiday on Tuesday. My body clock appears to be completely mucked up on account of the mid-week holiday. It’s all a bit bizarre.

Realising in just over 3 months, we’re going to Japan! Besides a few vague ideas (Studio Ghibli, shopping, vending machines, Mount Fuji and maybe Kyoto), we have done zero planning and pretty much zero saving. Whoops.

What’s hot + what’s not

Loobylu’s meme seems a nice (and easy!) way to get back into the blogging groove.



Beer! Not just any beer though, the Federation Square Microbrewery Showcase is on today and tomorrow. It got a little crowded tonight, but the great brewers and delicious beer made up for that.

New Mattress – we bought a new pocket spring mattress last week, replacing a clapped out old futon that was a little past its prime. I feel like I’ve got a big kid’s bed now.

My Mum’s birthday. I don’t think she reads my blog, but Happy Birthday for tomorrow Mum!

Using eBay to declutter. One person’s clutter is another person’s treasure it seems.

Rediscovering lovely shops such as this one, while the Australian dollar is relatively strong. This does nothing to aid the decluttering effort (see above).


A dreaded springtime lurgy that has descended upon the Pransell household. It’s the biggest ‘what’s not’ this week by far. I can’t hear, taste or smell very well, my energy is zapped and my patience thin(ner than usual). And I can’t bake. (whinge whinge whinge! I do feel a bit better getting that off my chest)

Mattress shopping. It’s boring, and lying on mattresses in big showrooms is awkward.

Overzealous yarn overs. In particular, discovering over zealous yarn overs 4 rows, or over 1000 stitches, after doing them.

No energy for photos

A big thank you to everyone who helped in deciding what my next project will be. If you’ll excuse the pun, Your Victory Jumper was the victor, narrowly defeating the zig zag lace top and Bottoms Up. I started on the ribbing last night, and seeing the magenta poke through between the grey stitches makes me want to take back what I said about the garishness of the needles. Magenta needles, I hope you’ll forgive me.

There are a heap of things I wanted to post today. However, I’ve been feeling quite tired and yuck, so didn’t get round to taking any photos. To distract you all from not having a proper post with visual aids, here’s a short list of things that have caught my eye recently:

Roddy and Ginger screen print. Can’t really go wrong with a print that contains olive green and owls.
Silver button ring by Corky Saint Clair and Red Cloud Designs. I don’t know if this was a one off or not, but by Jove I hope I can get one.

Old Swingline staplers. Vintage stationery supplies has always had an appeal, but I think watching Mad Men has whet my appetite for it a bit more.
Moon globes. I’d like to get my hands on one of these on day, but this one’s a wee bit outside my price range. Maybe one day the op shop gods will smile upon me.
Twinings tea tin planters made by Allison from The Lark. Really clever idea, and they look awesome.

Why didn’t I do this earlier?


Things, big and little, tend to niggle and weigh on my mind until I do something about them. There are some big things that I know I can’t do anything about for months or even years, but the smaller things have been getting me down lately.

Some of the smaller things are kind of silly, like getting my hair cut, and some things, like my unfinished knitting projects and yarn stash, weigh so heavily that it becomes overwhelming. It was starting to get to the point where I dreaded going into the room where my unfinished projects and stash are kept.

This week I got sick of feeling bad about it and started to do something about it. Projects that I’m never going to finish are being ripped out, and yarn is being sorted through and will be given away or sold. As soon as the first unfinished project was ripped out, I felt so much better, like I was finally doing something positive to get rid of the yarn monkey on my back. I guess it was quite cathartic. Why didn’t I just do this earlier?

My favourite English book

The vast majority of books foisted upon us for high school English were, in my opinion, pretty average, but the class just had to deal with whatever the teacher decided to give us to study. However, in year 12, there were a number of English streams to choose from, so students could choose which set of books they wanted to study along with two (in my opinion average) compulsory texts. I chose the stream that included studying Frontline and The Outsider by Albert Camus. As I’d never perviously heard of The Outsider, my choice was based on my fondness for Frontline, and because it meant I could watch TV. The Outsider was the last book I ever studied at high school. However, it has ended up being one of my favourite books even after a number of re-reads and dissection of language and storyline that comes with studying it.


Within my group of friends at the time, it seemed to be quite a divisive book. The only person I know that liked it, outside of my friends who studied it as well, is my partner.

As The Outsider was originally written in French, I often wonder if there’s nuances in the French language that get lost in the translation to English. I guess, more than anything, I wonder if my understanding of the text is as complete as it can be.

My favourite container

This tin keeps catching my eye more than other tins, containers and baskets around the house, so it must be my favourite.


The bold colours, font and patterns makes me think of the circus, but the diamonds on the side also seem a bit toy drum.


I often wonder what it held between holding ice cream and me owning it. I like to think it was brightly coloured plastic figures, like farm animals or soldiers, or a collection of a child’s most prized possessions (a la Amelie, I guess!).

For me, the tin sadly still stands empty. I don’t have any brightly coloured plastic figures to put in there, and I want to make sure the contents of the tin captures my attention as much as the outside does. Perhaps it’s time I collected up all my little treasures.

My favourite shoes

Pip is hosting a week of favourite things, and I thought I might join in.


Technically these aren’t shoes, but ‘my favourite footwear’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it. The day I bought these boots, they were my little rays of sunshine on what was a frustratingly annoying day. My partner and I were in Melbourne so he could have an operation done. The day I bought the boots was the day he was due to go into surgery, but we received a call cancelling the surgery less than an hour before he was due to be admitted. We quickly booked flights so we could get back to work asap, but had the rest of that day to ourselves.

To try and relieve the annoyance, we wandered around the places we used to hang out when we lived in Melbourne. It was then that I came across my boots. I loved them as soon as I clapped eyes on them, but was a bit put off by the price. After an hour of deliberation I bought them, and the rest is history.

Even after owning them for a year and wearing them lots and lots, they are still my rays of sunshine distilled into footwear. The detail on the toes, the bright red buttons and stitching, the polka dot lining, all those little things about my boots make me smile. They were worth every penny.

Stationery mania

I admit I’m quite a stationery fiend. Some of my most prized possessions include a lamy fountain pen and a giant Lego man with a sharpener for a head, and a tape measure for a back pack. Sometimes it takes all my might not to go completely bezerk during back to school time, and buy enough highlighters to satisfy the needs of many generations of future Pransells.

While scooting around the internets recently, I’ve come across some stationery (and vaguely stationery related) gems that have made my pupils dilate and my heart go all a-flutter.

Birch in Eucalyptus cards – These cards are so pretty that even though I am possibly the world’s worst correspondent and rarely send cards, I am looking for an excuse to send someone one of these.

Modofly Ruby Moleskine – I bought a Modofly notebook for my partner earlier this year and they are very nicely done. Ruby is a new design that caught my eye.

Exclamation fabric – I’m quite drawn to this fabric, although I have no idea what I’d do with it, and I still feel a bit shaky when it comes to sewing.

Circus Print – This one is possibly the least related to stationery, but I think it’s my favourite. It’s part of a monthly print subscription service, Wilkintie. Luckily, you can also buy them individually. Also luckily, it’s pay week this week, so I might just have to get one for myself. Found via Frankie.