Why didn’t I do this earlier?


Things, big and little, tend to niggle and weigh on my mind until I do something about them. There are some big things that I know I can’t do anything about for months or even years, but the smaller things have been getting me down lately.

Some of the smaller things are kind of silly, like getting my hair cut, and some things, like my unfinished knitting projects and yarn stash, weigh so heavily that it becomes overwhelming. It was starting to get to the point where I dreaded going into the room where my unfinished projects and stash are kept.

This week I got sick of feeling bad about it and started to do something about it. Projects that I’m never going to finish are being ripped out, and yarn is being sorted through and will be given away or sold. As soon as the first unfinished project was ripped out, I felt so much better, like I was finally doing something positive to get rid of the yarn monkey on my back. I guess it was quite cathartic. Why didn’t I just do this earlier?

2 Responses to “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You’re speaking my language, and about my own anxieties too. The small stuff always gets me much more that the big stuff!

    Now I’m about to take my bike out for it’s first ride in yonks and potter about the nursery looking for bulbs. That’s my idea of “stress relief”!

  2. bells Says:

    yes. yes. yes. that’s me. And I get to that point too, asking myself why. Good for you. It’ll feel great.

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