My favourite container

This tin keeps catching my eye more than other tins, containers and baskets around the house, so it must be my favourite.


The bold colours, font and patterns makes me think of the circus, but the diamonds on the side also seem a bit toy drum.


I often wonder what it held between holding ice cream and me owning it. I like to think it was brightly coloured plastic figures, like farm animals or soldiers, or a collection of a child’s most prized possessions (a la Amelie, I guess!).

For me, the tin sadly still stands empty. I don’t have any brightly coloured plastic figures to put in there, and I want to make sure the contents of the tin captures my attention as much as the outside does. Perhaps it’s time I collected up all my little treasures.

2 Responses to “My favourite container”

  1. bells Says:

    they don’t make tins like that anymore. Icecream buckets just aren’t the same.

  2. Michelle Says:

    If I had a tin like that I’d fill it full of bright embroidery floss and vintage sewing kits!

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