Pickadilly State of the Union, July 2012

Are you sick of reading about Pickadilly yet? I wouldn’t blame you if you were. To be frank, I’m kind of sick of looking at it and thinking about it. It’s been my main knitting project over the last few months and is now at a point where it closely resembles a finished project. However, I’m not sure if I want to finish it. In some ways, I feel like I’m in the same spot as I was when I first decided to put Pickadilly aside for a while.

contrasty but nearly done.jpg

The cardigan itself is more or less finished; it just needs some buttons and it could be worn in public. I’ve been working on the crochet trim over the last week and due to my inexperience with the hook, it’s been a battle. I bought some Madeline Tosh Lace in Milk to use for the trim, but after swatching it, it felt too delicate for the cardigan. More accurately, I had concerns that I’d get it caught on… stuff. So, I tried some cream Grignasco Bambi left over from my Victory Sweater. The colour match wasn’t as good as the Madtosh, but I felt it was going to hold up a bit better to the trials and tribulations of being worn by me. In the mean time, I’d decided to leave the trim off the cuffs. Cream cuff trims + me = guaranteed disaster.

DSC 0637

With the yarn for the trim settled, I measured the swatch, calculated how many chain stitches I’d need for the trim along the button band and around the bottom hem. Crochet is a slow process when in my hands; I don’t feel comfortable with the hook, and I know my technique can only be politely referred to as ‘unorthodox’. In any case, the trim took three or four nights to finish and when it was done, I put it up against the cardigan to admire my handiwork; it was about 10cm too long. Had it been 10cm too short, it could probably have been be blocked out and stretched along the edge of the cardigan. In this situation, I can’t see any other option but to rip the trim out and start again. As it is I don’t think I have the will or the bother to keep going with Pickadilly. After seeing this boatneck jumper on Ravelry on the weekend, I’m now considering whether I should frog the cardigan completely and use the yarn to make that simple jumper.

The prospect of frogging Pickadilly was mentioned to Matt a couple of nights ago, and he suggested that it would be a waste of all the time spent swatching/knitting/modifying/swearing. It’s true that a lot of time has been spent on this project, but I don’t think it’s a waste. After all, I can’t get that time back, so there’s no point trying to salvage something just because I spent a lot of time on it. It’s also made me look at the construction of garments and look over patterns with a more critical eye than I have previously. It’s a project that’s taught me that persistence can pay off sometimes; the sleeves, for example, worked out really well.

another hand on hip photo for the road.jpg

Aside from the time spent on it, the other point to consider is whether I’d wear it once it was finished. Without the trim, I doubt I would. Even with the trim, I don’t know if I would wear it all that much. If it hadn’t been such a struggle, I’m sure I’d be more inclined to wear it.

So, with all that sooking, I’m keen to get some views from outside the Pransell household. Am I completely mad to be considering frogging something I’ve invested so much time in and am so close to finishing?

8 Responses to “Pickadilly State of the Union, July 2012”

  1. OzKnitter Says:

    Yay! It’s beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful! I’d leave it exactly as it appears above, I wouldn’t do the trim.

  2. OzKnitter Says:

    Ooops, meant to say just add buttons, don’t bother with the trim.

  3. Lynne Says:

    I think it’s lovely just as it is. Add buttons if you wish but, please, do wear it – you’ve earned it.

  4. Michelle Says:

    You know what? You’ve finished it. Put some button holes on, sew some buttons in the same colours as your yarn, and wear it. It doesn’t need frill. It doesn’t need contrast. It’s perfectly lovely as it is, and with the side buttoning quite military which I hear is so 2012.

    Do it. Wear it. It’s fantastic.

  5. Pumpkin Says:

    I think that all of the time and frustration that you have spent on this sweater has been completely worth it. I love the simplicity and elegance of this sweater (and you know how much I love the yarn choice). I actually like it quite a lot without the crochet trim, but that definitely adds another layer of challenge and texture to the project. Wonderful work!

  6. jules Says:

    I love it as is… and those sleeves are wonderful.

    I’d say, unless you have a burning need for that boatneck right now, find some lovely buttons and work that trim if you feel up for it and then put it aside for a month. You just might find you can love it after all.


    PS how about a darker trim? Dark blue might be a nice contrast and way less likely to mop up spills ; )

  7. Debs Says:

    I understand the heartache, it’s tough when a project zaps your mojo. Think about the positives from now on, gorgeous finishing, warm, colour is divine, whatever that might be. If you make your mind up to only think of the positives it will start to be ok. Time is over to stop being mad about a shitty pattern, it is gorgeous!

  8. toxictea Says:

    I agree with OzKnitter. It’s fab, just buttons would finish it off… or maybe some kind of trim/ribbon in place of the crochet.

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