The ghost of a year gone past

It’s impossible to leave the last finished object for 2009 go unblogged. Victory is finished!


Your Victory Jumper by Home Notes (via the Victoria and Albert Museum)
2.5 balls grey Grignasco Bambi, 1.5 balls royal blue and 0.5 balls cream
2.75 mm and 3.25mm needles
Started: June 2009
Finished: December 2009
Modifcations: lengthened and added another repeat, stitch wise, to the body
Ravelryed here

If you heard strains of The Halleujah Chorus floating on the breeze sometime last Sunday, it was likely coming from me as Victory was unpinned from the blocking board. It was not so much the relief of finishing, but the excitement that she could finally be worn. I already love it to bits.

The lace pattern came out really nice and crisply with the yarn, and although I opted for a non-patriotic colour combination (the pattern was published in England just after VE Day, and recommended the use of blue, red and white yarn), I’m quite pleased with how well the grey, blue and cream worked together.


I found the sleeve’s shoulder cap construction a bit strange, in that there was no cast off at the armpit, just a gentle decrease from there to the top of the shoulder. This did make it a little difficult when seaming but the sleeve and body stripes match up, so I’m happy.

If you are interested in WWII era knitting patterns, it’s worth looking at the collection hosted on the Victoria and Albert Museum’s website. I tend to think Victory is the pick of the bunch, but there are some other nice patterns on there that I’d consider making down the track, once my pattern queue and stash has diminished significantly.

9 Responses to “The ghost of a year gone past”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Oh Emma – it looks fantastic! So beautiful, and so much work.

  2. bells Says:

    oh yes, the colour combo is much nicer than a patriotic colour selection! Well done. I think you did a lovely job! Victorious indeed!

  3. jane Says:

    That is lovely – and I’m so happy to see you have knit something from the V&A website, I am always admiring their lovely patterns! Their gloves and socks always look good and I kind of love that funny balaclava helmet *thing*. Not love-and-want-to-make, but it always makes me laugh. The sweater looks great on you and those colours are perfect!

  4. Olivia Says:

    Brilliant! It came out great and I love the colours you chose.

  5. sam Says:

    I love this. Some of the vintage patterns out there are gorgeous – and you’ve picked a winner for sure.

  6. Hoolia Says:

    OMG so hot rite now. I rooly love that one Immaa. Sorry to bring the tone of your respectable blog down a notch, but i had to let you know 🙂

  7. Christine Says:

    Wow, it looks great! Congrats on finishing and ending up with something that is so attractive and so wearable.

  8. Rhiannon Says:

    I love the way that your jumper has come out – its beautiful. I’ve just started the Victory myself (hence finding your blog!) and hope mine comes out that nicely. (Though is it just my knitting too tightly or is the guage a bit weird?)
    At any rate, if mine ends up like yours I’ll be dead chuffed (though I will admit to picking the patriotic colours, its just too pretty a colour combo!
    Rhiannon x

  9. Lynne Says:

    That jumper is very pretty and looks great on you. I think your choice of colours is better than red, white and blue. I love red but subtle it is not – your choice of colours allows the pattern to show through.

    never2hot2knit on Ravelry

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