Victory Jumper

It recently dawned on me that I haven’t posted any progress photos of the Victory Jumper. I think that’s a bit rude of me, expecially given the much appreciated (and needed) help I received when starting this project.

Apologies for the photos as they are a bit below par. The light’s a bit weak here today, and surfaces that aren’t boxes are in short supply ’round here still.

formatted MU building  004.jpg

It’s not a fast knit by any means, but it’s still enjoyable. The pattern write up suggests that it’s really easy to remember, which has been true for me. Whenever I see “easy” mentioned in a vintage pattern I’m a bit wary, as rightly or wrongly, I tend to think that the general skill level of knitters was higher back then, and there’s a lot more assumed knowledge. That said, it’s all been pretty straight forward so far.

formatted MU building  005.jpg

The only drawback of this project is that it’s not very portable. The three balls of yarn get tangled up pretty easily so I can only really work on it when I’m at home. It’s a little bit of a pain because I’m back to using public transport in my commute to and from work, but it’s really only a minor irritation.

4 Responses to “Victory Jumper”

  1. alison Says:

    It looks just lovely! I think I’m going to have to make this one

  2. Michelle Says:

    This is so beautiful. I love it. But good luck with keeping your balls untangled.

    (That was not supposed to sound as naughty as it just read!)

  3. Holly Says:

    I am anxious to see this sweater when it is completed. I am quite interested in it.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Just lovely & good to see how much it’s progressed! I love the colours.

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