sheeping and snooping

Last weekend was spent galavanting around the countryside. As mentioned in the last post, Saturday was spent in Bendigo checking out the Sheep and Wool Show. There was a lot of looking at yarn and marvelling at the sea of Ravelry badges, but only one thing was purchased.

formatted MU building  001.jpg

Now I understand why people love Colinette Jitterbug so much. So many wonderful colours! Jitterbug is quite a departure from the mental image of ribbon yarn I previously had of Colinette yarn. This yarn, velvet plum, is destined for someone else, but I think I’ll be buying some for myself once some stash is cleared out. There was one other thing I wanted to cart away from the show…

formatted MU building  002.jpg

Yesterday was Melbourne Open House, part of the State of Design Festival. Like the rest of Melbourne, I wanted to check out the Manchester Unity building. A little over an hour of queueing, we were in. A truly lovely building inside and out, and well worth the wait to get in. I heartily recommend seeking it out next year.

formatted MU building  003.jpg

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  1. bells Says:

    Oh I have that colour. I’m using it right now. Jitterbug is to die for.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Yum! But I would have definitely taken the puppy home!

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