BWM 2014 shade card round up

Yep, it’s new shade card time already. I heard rumblings that it was arriving this week, so I was more than a little antsy when the shade card was not ready waiting for me on Tuesday. I’m guessing for most of you this will be old news, but the compulsion to drone on about which colourways Bendigo Woollen Mills has decided are in and which are out overrides any concern about being behind the news curve. I get one opportunity a year to get my BWM colourway spreadsheet out (seriously), so I’m not going to miss it.

2014 shade card

Here’s the summary of the difference between this year’s and last year’s shade card:


  • Rustic and Alpaca Rich have been discontinued in their entirety
  • Stella (50% bamboo, 50% wool) has been promoted to the main shade card, and expanded to include 17 new colourways


  • Tangerine (bright orange, shade number 347), Cerise (pink, 348) and African Violet (light blue-purple, 349) added to the 8 ply range
  • Fuchsia (303) added to the 10ply range
  • Wild Barley (light green-yellow, 323), Cork Brown (light brown, 355) and Iris Mist (light blue-purple, 366) discontinued in the 8ply range. No colourways discontinued in the 10ply range


  • Maize (cheery yellow, 694) and Hunter (dark green, 753) added to the 2/3/5/8/12 ply range
  • Deep Rose (rosy pink, 760), ember mix (red/green marl, 759), currant (reddish purplish brownish, 761), Mineral Mix (green/red marl, 758), Lilac (very light purple, 762), Midnight Blue (very dark blue, 765), Midnight Green Mix (dark green marl, 755), Evergreen (forest green, 766), Broadleaf (olive green, 763), Grey (light blue-grey, 764), Midnight Mix (dark blue/red marl, 757) and Claret Mix (maroon/dark red marl, 756) added to the 8 ply range

Interesting (to me) observations

  • The paper stock is a lot thinner than previous shade cards. This may (or may not) have something to do with the fact this year’s shade card has four folds, rather than three folds used in previous cards.
  • Classic has been split into two sections on the shade card; in one section are the colourways that come in 2, 3, 5, 8 and 12 ply, and in the other section are colourways that only come in 8 ply. I like this layout a lot.
  • The pattern selection has been expanded a lot. There are 13 patterns featured on this shade card, nine more than last year.

Classic split

The biggest change in this shade card the the end of Rustic and the expansion of Stella. It’s ridiculous to mourn a yarn I haven’t used in years, but when I did use it, I really liked it. I hope that it comes back in some form, even as a limited edition release. Out of all the discontinuations, Rustic is the only thing I would consider panic buying.

Adding to my disappointment is the introduction of Stella into the main shade card. I’ve knit with bamboo blends a couple of times, and only once have I been happy with the results. So while I haven’t used Stella (there’s your grain of salt to accompany my opinion), I’m yet to be convinced by bamboo blends in general.

Some of the new classic colourways, specifically Midnight Blue, Midnight Mix and Claret Mix, are lovely. Midnight Mix and Claret Mix remind me of some of the marled colourways that worked so well in Rustic. I don’t think they work as well in a crepe yarn, but are still nice enough for me to consider purchasing some. The only drawback to them is the weight; a project I’d use them for calls for a 5ply crepe and these new colourways only come in 8ply. I’m never satisfied, obviously.

So, over to you. What do you think about this year’s shade card?

6 Responses to “BWM 2014 shade card round up”

  1. Em Says:

    We haven’t got our card yet. Was at the post office yesterday too so it’s not like I’ve just not checked. Guess they’re not all out yet.

    Rustic is the one we use most often. We’ve made hats and jumpers out of it and I love the flecky colours. Really, really sad to see that go. Especially at a time when we really can’t afford to buy up stock.

    I’ve never used Stella either. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen it.

    I’m not fond of classic. It’s too scratchy for me but also I just don’t like crepe yarns much. Shame that it’s the only way to get the marled colours.
    I wonder if they are going to stop the rustic colourways in the fibre. I’ve been wanting to buy some of that for years but never been able to afford a kilo of fibre. May have missed my chance.

    Even if I had the money, by the time we got our card it would probably have been too late to buy up stuff we liked if it was popular. Suppose they can’t do much about the delay but it sucks.

  2. Blogless Anna Says:

    My shade card arrived today too! I also think the four-fold format is a winner. With machine knitting in mind (see you at kimono class in a few weeks!) my focus is totally on Luxury. I’m loving the addition of Tangerine (who doesn’t need a splash of orange in their life?). I also fancy Junior Navy, Aquarium & Pine. I love options, particularly when they are good ones! Thanks for the round-up.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Packing to move. Threw out all shade cards from the year dot forward. Kept 2013 because I didn’t realise 2014 had arrived (head elsewhere obviously) — will have to go through the bin to retrieve new card! Or maybe not — I won’t be buying fabric or yarn in 2014 — as it is, serious stash busting must occur! Downsizing is a great opportunity to de-clutter!

  4. Rachel Says:

    I instantly thought of you when I found mine in the letterbox but have only just found time comment ( this is my first blog comment in nearly 2 years !)

    Devastated by the omission of rustic! Rustic in radiant and graphite are my go to wools for winter – I never thought to panic by til I read your post but am now carrying much anxiety until I work out how much I could realistically need and sneak into my house without my husband and kids thinking I’ve spent our life savings on wool -again 😉

    The thinner paper might be for practical reasons but makes it seem cheap, but given its free I probably shouldn’t complain.

    I also like how the classic has been broken up its neater and makes it easier to choose, that said I think it’s scratchy wool and don’t like it very much.
    I do sometimes struggle with the colour choices they offer, but I’m probably not representative of a big enough slice of their customer base to matter. I do sometimes wonder if just focusing on limited edition colour palates rather than new yarns might give them broader appeal. Most people I know like knitting with and wearing luxury – maybe small runs of ‘on trend’ colours would be fun and I know I would buy them…..could be like the blue smartie all over again….anyway off to assess cupboard space…..

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I’m STILL waiting for my shade cards from Bendigo. I’m feeling very unloved because everyone else seems to have theirs.

    I may have scored a set of 2014 shade cards for the full range of Patons,Cleckheaton and Panda yarns though – but it’s not the same.

  6. Jennifer Lauren Says:

    I haven’t received a card yet 🙁 But I love their Luxury range!! So soft and in such a great range of colours 🙂

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