The sum of parts

In the last week I’ve politely asked the pattern reading fairy to leave, downloaded more podcasts and got on with the job of knitting and finishing. Thanks to DrK for alerting me to the fairy’s existence (made it much easier to get rid of her once I knew she existed!) and everyone’s podcast suggestions.

The sudden burst of motivation has resulted in the near completion of My Golden Hands vest. It’s probably really silly to feel like this, but I find this part of a knitting project really exciting. No longer does it look like a pile of related pieces, but an actual garment. Even seeing the parts come together neatly with mattress stitch is still slightly magical. Small things…

vest nearly done

It turns out that adding light grey stripes was a really good idea. I’ve had to unravel my swatch of dark grey Rustic for seaming, which means that I had pretty much just the right amount of dark grey for the vest.

The most difficult, or more accurately, annoying, part of the vest so far has been attaching the button band to the front pieces. Because it’s so long, I put it off as I thought it would be a tedious job. As is often the case though, once I started and got into a rhythm, it wasn’t too bad. At the moment it’s looking pretty good, bar slight lumpiness around the curved fronts. Let us hope a good wet block will sort that out.

6 Responses to “The sum of parts”

  1. Michelle Says:

    It’s looking great!

    And of course it will block out. Although I reckon if you can’t see the lumpiness from the back of a galloping horse, it’s not there. Or maybe that’s quilting. Doesn’t matter.

  2. drk Says:

    so glad you got rid of that pesky little fairy! i love that moment too when all the pieces look like an actual thing. but sewn on button bands aaaaagh, youre braver than me, i avoid them at all costs. im sure yours will be perfect though!

  3. Leonie Says:

    Oh it’s so close and looks so good.
    You know what I’m like with blocking so no advice from me on that one 🙂
    Catch up with you soon.

  4. bells Says:

    oh that pattern reading fairy. She’s a shocker! I’ll have to reference her in tonight’s post I htink.

    I hope that slight bumpiness blocks out – I’ve had a similar problem with a band like that and I didn’t manage to fix it. Fingers crossed for yours!

  5. Debs (rav: newdknit) Says:

    Looks great, you are so inspirational. what are you doing next?

  6. Olivia Says:

    Oh no that doesn’t sound silly at all. You live with a project for (sometimes) a really long time and it is exciting when you can see it being a garment instead of just a piece of knitting!

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