When knitting attacks

For a long time, podcasts and I didn’t get along. Concentrating for long periods of time does not come easily to me, so I felt podcasts were out of the question. I mentioned this to a couple of knitting friends late last year, and I’m sure they found it all a bit odd. Then Matt started listening to Radiolab. He played a couple of interesting episodes to me, so I thought I’d try them again.

The last time I looked for knitting podcasts, there were only one or two about. My, how things have changed! The number of podcasts about knitting now borders on overwhelming. Based on tidbits I’d heard when my friends discussed podcasts, I started listening to the Knitmore Girls. So far I’ve only listened to a couple of their podcasts, but I’ve found them all quite enjoyable. The mother/daughter presenters have a really good rapport, and their conversational style makes for easy listening. In writing all this, I’m sure I’m probably the last person to discover the Knitmore Girls and that this is old news to knitters everywhere.

The title of this post is a blatant ripoff of the Knitmore Girls’ segments, where they discuss issues they’ve had with their knitting. To be fair, in my case ‘when duffers attack’ is probably a more accurate title as the knitting is not at fault at all.

Soon after my last post, I ripped out my first attempt at Lyttelton and decided that it was probably too big anyway. ‘This is my silver lining’ I thought, and cast on again with one less pattern repeat. By the time I got to the sleeves yesterday morning, it was clear something was amiss again.

Comparing the shrug to the swatch, it appears I’m not starting each pattern repeat correctly. This means that the cable and trellis stitch was moving diagonally with each repeat, rather than straight up. Even though it was a fairly silly, simple mistake, it was subtle enough that it took me a little while to work out what I’d done wrong. It was also subtle enough that I can’t really capture it clearly on my camera. So yet again I shall frog, and hope that the mantra of ‘third time lucky’ holds.


As punishment, I’ll hold off from casting on again until I’ve finished the bands for my stripy vest. It’s a fairly trivial task (famous last words!), but each row is 433 stitches. Of 1×1 rib. I like to think of it as the knitting equivalent of writing out lines. That’ll teach me… hopefully.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Oh dear! Well if it’s any consolation, this morning I proudly put my newly-made blouse on to wear to work, and realised that after washing it was suddenly very short. Like tankini-barely-covering-the-boobs short. I mean it was short to start with, but not THAT short. Currently it’s in the sewing room naughty corner waiting for band of the same fabric. And I had to dumpster dive for that fabric too, having had a big cleanout on the weekend. I’m so traumatised by the whole thing I may have to start blogging again. 😉

    I think working on something else while you think about what you’ve just ripped is the way to go. And breathe! Very important.

  2. Debs (rav: newdknit) Says:

    That last line made me laugh!

    The Knitmore Girls podcast starts of really slow and hard to listen to due to sounds quality but then it just gets better and better. Another favorite that is very very recent and I found out about it from the Knitmore Girls is ‘The Knit Wits’ HILARIOUS!!! Listen to it, AWESOME!!

  3. Leonie Says:

    The Knitmore girls is the only one I’ve started on and only since you lot were chatting about it! I get me knitting out and turn them on and sit and knit and listen to them chatting about knitting and yarn. A cup of tea and some chocolate makes it perfect 🙂
    Crap about Lyttelton, third time is the charm though, it worked on my travelling woman shawl so I’ll send the “charming” your way 🙂

  4. Maya Says:

    I am like in that I’ve just recently discovered the wonders of knitting podcasts! the Knitmore Girls are so great and fun to listen to and they’ve got sooo many episodes! I also love Stash and Burn podcasts. Like you said there are soo many out there right now ; )

  5. drk Says:

    ive never listened to a podcast, i dont know why not, i probably should. and yes, it will be third time lucky. if it helps tho, thats not your fault, or the knitting’s either. its the ‘pattern reading fairy’. shes quite active at this time of year, and she moves the pattern around while youre trying to read it so that you miss important things like ‘move the marker back one stitch’ etc. she pops in here quite regularly.

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