Well loved pencils

I’m currently doing a short course in graphic design, and my most recent assignment has allowed me to dust off my colouring pencils.


They were my most treasured item for quite some time during the 90s. Back in primary school, Derwents were the king of colouring pencils, so I was very excited to receive a set of 72 studio Derwents for Christmas one year.

all lined up

These pencils were extremely well loved, and as a result the tin they came in and the plastic trays are a bit haggard. However, they were all in order — even now I have a compulsion to set them all in numerical order, with the writing facing the top.

unevenly loved

It was funny to see which colours were my favourites back then. Shades of purple, teal, red and black were sharpened down to stubs, whereas most of the colours I prefer these days, green and brown, have barely been used.

As I’ve been using my coloured pencils over the last week, I’ve been surprised by the memories it’s conjured up. You never know when nostalgia will strike!

7 Responses to “Well loved pencils”

  1. bells Says:

    nostalgia through something so very tangible and beautiful. I love it. And the notion of growth in colour choice – such a visible demonstration of growing up! Lovely photos.

  2. MildlyCrafty Says:

    My mum allways wanted a big set of derwents when she was a kid but they could never afford them. So when I discovered my husband had a nearly new set of 72 amongst his childhood things I gave them to her, she was thrilled 🙂

  3. Leonie Says:

    I love my Derwents. It took me years to get some. Eventually my husband bought me some. Lovely man. Interesting how our colour preferences change over the years.

  4. alison Says:

    I always wanted a set when I was a kid too. A few years ago my partner was cleaning out the office when the business he worked for closed down, and found a nearly new tin of 72. Score!

  5. Sonia Says:

    I loved my Derwents too… but then I got the Water Colour pencil set and never looked back, you know, as a kid!

  6. Debs (rav: newdknit) Says:

    They look sooooo pretty!!

  7. drk Says:

    oh memories indeed. my derwents were my pride and joy too. i loved keeping them all sharp, and in the correct colour order. sigh. the simple things!

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