Quiet achiever

Bottom’s Up has been the tortoise to the Somerset hare, knitting wise. Somerset has at least had one mention on this blog and was knit up very quickly, slowing only because of my aversion to picking up stitches for the collar. Despite starting it in January, Bottom’s Up hasn’t been mentioned here at all and has trudged along, being mostly 1×1 twisted rib in the round, knitted on my work commute.

That’s pretty much where the tortoise and the hare analogy ends. Except if I can’t find my darning needles to weave in the ends on Somerset soon, in which case Bottom’s Up will be finished first.


Anyway! This project has been my first encounter knitting with linen yarn (Louet Euroflax Sport). I was somewhat wary after reading how hard some had found it to work with, but I don’t think it’s too bad. The lack of give means it’s a bit unforgiving tension-wise, but once in a rhythm it looks pretty good, and the knitted fabric feels quite nice.

The pattern itself is pretty arduous, but that lends itself well to commute, movie, or anything that provides distraction from the relentless ribbing. I hope I don’t sound too down on the pattern, as there’s absolutely nothing wrong with how it was written. I just overestimated my patience for ribbing, one of my least favourite knitting activities, even with the warnings in the pattern about it.

I’m perhaps a little premature in writing this as I’ve not finished it yet, but if you are looking to make Bottom’s Up, beware of the rib! Alternatively, if you’re a fan of ribbing, this is most definitely the project for you.

4 Responses to “Quiet achiever”

  1. Lynne Says:

    It’s looking good. I don’t know too many knitters who actually like ribbing! LOL It’s just one of the things we do before moving on to more exciting stitches. I even remember someone saying they couldn’t knit their second Pomatomus sock because of “all that ribbing”!

  2. bells Says:

    as someone in the middle of laceweight ribbing for the featherweight cardigan, I understand! Oh and I have an aversion to picking up for collars and bands too. I am notoriously bad at it.

  3. jane Says:

    I love the way it looks in the Euroflax, the texture is beautiful. Lovely photo too. I think 1×1 twisted rib would probably kill me before too long – I salute you.

  4. Jodi Says:

    I love this post not only because this is a beautiful project with such a pretty rib pattern (I know it was misery, but so worth it), but also because I’m knitting a tank in Euroflax myself. I’ve been wondering if I should have used a smaller needle and your work confirms it. Now I have to go assess whether I’m too far in to turn back and start again. It’s a bottom up, so just having to cast on all those stitches again seems like more than I can handle. Thanks for showing how great Euroflax can look in a fine cage.

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