Once upon a time, I had a little idea that combined two things I’m interested in; video games and vintage home furnishings/decor. This idea percolated in my mind for years until Matt gave me all the things I needed to turn my idea into a tangible object.


My Duck Hunt flying ducks have sat finished for a bit over a year now, but didn’t post them because I thought people might think them a bit naff. I’m obviously over that now (it’s my blog dang it, I’ll post what I want to!).

Once the images were scaled, they weren’t difficult to put together. In fact, the trickiest part of the process was making sure all the beads had melted together. I don’t have the best iron which probably didn’t help matters.

Unfortunately my ducks’ current location is flat on a mantlepiece as finding a good way to get them up on the walls has been surprisingly difficult. The ducks are pretty delicate so falling off the walls would not be good at all. Another challenge was finding a spot to take these photos, as it seems the walls here are riddled with picture hooks.

The biggest motivation for posting this project is because its one of those projects that I should have done ages ago, a recurring theme on this blog. This year I’d like to try a few more of those types of projects, ones that don’t necessarily take up that much time, but always get set aside for one reason or another.

5 Responses to “Flashback”

  1. alison Says:

    Those are awesome! At first glance I thought they were made of lego (maybe that’s a further challenge for another day)

    (and I know what you mean about things you should have done ages ago – I have so many of those I think I need a separate category for them on my blog)

  2. Michelle Says:

    So great! I love them. And I’m with you and Alison – so many great ideas, and no time or inclination to make them into a reality!

  3. Twitchy fingers Says:

    I love it when a good plan comes together! This is such a good idea that i think you should patent it. Seriously. As for the issue with the quackers being fragile, is there a way you could glue them on to a piece of fabric or fix some interfacing to it so the beads have something supporting them (but the shape and look of the the ducks are not compromised)? Cos I speak from experience when I say that a humid day can be enough to un-fuse them!

  4. jane Says:

    They are brilliant! So clever of you to make them, and it’s nice to have personal decorations which you have made and which reflect different aspects of your personality and interests and life. Plus, they look great! Hope you can find a way to safely affix them somehow. Perhaps you could strengthen them by adding a backing of some kind (like in the above comment)? Fabric is a good idea, or perhaps a piece of thin but relatively stiff plastic of some sort? Hmm. It does seem a shame for them to sit on the mantelpiece!

  5. Hoolia Says:

    Hooray! You did it! They look awesome, I’m very impressed Ms.

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