My new favourite biscuit recipe


This recipe has been given a run twice in two weeks and as it’s super easy and delicious, I thought I should give it a plug. As there weren’t any ingredient substitutions, I don’t feel comfortable reproducing the recipe here — the Hokey Pokey Biscuit recipe can be found here on the Taste website.

The first batch was just as described in the recipe, sans fork marks. For some reason, I associate one set of fork marks with yo yos, and two sets of fork marks with peanut butter biscuits. As such, fork marks would have been an very much a baking faux par in this kitchen.

The most recent batch, shown in the photo above, also included chocolate on top. Originally, I was going to dip half of the biscuit in chocolate, but was a little too lazy. Instead, I put a chocolate melt on top before baking, which seemed to turn out all right. It’s worth noting that the dough was barely wider than the chocolate melt – these suckers really do spread out when in the oven.

Next time, I’d like to expand on the chocolate idea a little by splitting the mixture and putting cocoa power through to make Hokey Pokey marble biscuits. That’ll be at least a couple of weeks away, as they’re so delicious I can’t stop at one and end up feeling like a glutton!

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  1. Twitchy Finger Says:

    Certainly got a huge tick from my little man! And another big one from me too!

  2. Michelle Says:

    And a third tick from me!

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