Scrap bag

An unavoidable by-product of knitting and sewing is all the little scraps of yarn and fabric that are just too short or small to be useful. There’s always a twinge of sadness when I collect all the scraps up and put them in the bin. It’s almost a sense of mourning, like they could be used for something else. Turns out that ‘something else’ is a draught stopper.

The draught avenger.jpg

We live in a fairly draughty house, but our ability to do anything about the gaps under the doors is limited because we’re renting (if we owned this house, that carpet would be a distant memory). Draught stoppers can be purchased fairly cheaply at the supermarket, but at least this way I can pick the fabric, customise the height and length and feel satisfied that those little scraps are no longer wasted.

Even though it’s a ridiculously simple project (it’s just a stuffed tube of fabric, after all), I’ve found that I can use it as a pseudo-rubbish bin, slowly filling it with scraps until it’s at the right length. It does mean that it can end up being a bit lumpy as some scraps pack in a bit tighter than others, but if it’s just sitting on the floor stopping the cold wind from entering the house, I don’t think that matters too much.

For a mildly harebrained idea, it’s worked well so far. It’s only yielded one draught stopper, but even just that one is making the house less breezy, and I feel less guilty about the amount of fabric and yarn scraps I produce.

3 Responses to “Scrap bag”

  1. Lynne Says:

    My sewing scraps are those pieces smaller than 1″ and they go in the green bin to be taken away for garden compost. My DD collects all my knitting scraps, even if they are only 1cm long and will, when she has time, go back to needle felting them into balls for cats or children!

  2. Olivia Says:

    This is great, I love finding ways to reuse things or to keep waste from going in the bin. I have sometimes used wool and fabric scraps as part of the stuffing for my felted pears.

  3. DrK Says:

    oh, as a new sewer, ive been wondering what to do with all the long strips! great idea, and i can put proper heavuy stuff in them, not silly beanbag beans! these look great.

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