Before indulging in a Japan roundup post, I should mention how I went in the recent Ravelympics. Sad to say, I didn’t complete my project. This wasn’t much of a surprise, as the only real knitting time I thought I would have during the Olympics was on the plane to Japan and a couple of longer train rides. What did surprise me was how little I achieved.


I made a mistake early on, and even the smallest mistake with Henry, unless caught very early, means a whole lot of ripping back. My enthusiasm drained pretty quickly at that point. On top of that, it appears I misunderstood the rules for taking knitting needles on international flights. Soon after takeoff, I was told knitting on the plane was not allowed as the change to the prohibited item list only applied to domestic flights. This didn’t seem right to me, as I’d heard of others knitting on international flights departing from Australia without issue, but thought it best not to argue.

So yes, my Ravelympics effort was a bit of a washout. That’s perfectly all right though, Henry will now be my project for the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. Given that’s still months away, it’s a much more relaxed goal and should (!!) be easily achievable.

Despite my previous claim about not having much time for knitting over the past couple of weeks, a little bit of knitting did occur; enough to finish off this fellow:


Elijah by Ysolda Teague
Approximately 100 grams of Lincraft Balmoral Tweed
Black embroidery thread
3.25mm double pointed needles
Started: February 2010
Finished: February 2010
Ravelryed: here

He was made as a thank you gift to our wonderful hosts in Tokyo. He was mostly done before we left, but his eyes and ears were finished while away. The only differences between this Elijah and previous Elijahs were slightly larger needles, accommodating for the slightly heavier yarn used (a 10 ply was used this time rather than the 8 ply used previously). I also used a little bit less stuffing, which makes him a bit easier to pose.

As this is the third time I’ve made Elijah, it’s hard to say whether this is now the end of my Elijah career. It would be good to try different patterns for toys as gifts, but at the same time it’s hard to go past him as he’s a fun and interesting pattern to knit, with such cute results.

5 Responses to “Failympics”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hello! Welcome back! I love your Elijah – so very cute in that true Elephanty Grey!

    You have not Failed. You have just not Finished. Kind of like the guys in the Snowboard Cross who don’t quite make that last jump, only a lot less painful (and a lot less cold too).

  2. Twitchy fingers Says:

    Ravelympics-shavelympics… time is irrelevant where perfect is concerned. I love Elijah – the world needs more so don’t stop making them!

  3. Twitchy fingers Says:

    that should be ‘perfection’ obviously… oopps

  4. Lynne Says:

    Weird rules about knitting on planes! Elijah is very cute. I look forward to a Japan “round up”! And completing Henry by Bendigo is very doable!

  5. bells Says:

    oh I love him dark brown! That really works! Can you please talk about how you did his eyes? I need to do mine better next time. Yours look great!

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