Nuts and bolts

Here is the last of the quick family recipes that only get rolled out during Christmas. This one absolutely positively always gets made. Such is its importance, I was making it early on Christmas morning so we wouldn’t miss out on it!


I’m not sure how this one will be received because of two things; it contains a slightly strange ingredient and it’s really not a healthy recipe at all. But it all gets eaten so quickly that it can’t be too bad, right?

Nuts and Bolts

300g Nutrigrain
375g packet Salted peanuts (we use unsalted mixed nuts)
1 packet Cream of Chicken soup (we use cream of vegetable)
1 packet French Onion Soup
1 teaspoon curry powder
0.5 teaspoon mustard powder
0.5 cup of oil (usually vegetable oil)

Pour warm oil over dry ingredients, stir until oil is mixed through, store in an air tight container.

The recipe has been slightly vegetarianised (by using cream of vegetable rather than cream of chicken soup powder) for my and Matt’s benefit. It also tastes a lot better the next day as the oil has time to soak into everything.

My Mum also notes to keep the Nuts and Bolts away from my Dad. So if you have made it and my Dad comes round, make sure you hide it. He will eat it all.

I hope everyone had (or is continuing to have) a relaxing Christmas break, and I guarantee the next post will be about knitting.

2 Responses to “Nuts and bolts”

  1. alison Says:

    Hey, I remember that recipe, it used to be on the back of the nutri-grain packet! It sounds like very moreish (probably cos of all the salt).

    Hope you’re having a nice xmas too

  2. Michelle Says:

    I had a little coronary at the sight of the half cup of oil! But yes I’ve had this (not made it) and it is delicious. I don’t blame your dad one bit!

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