Persistence makes the heart grow fonder


The back of Victory is sort of finished and the front is well on the way. I can’t quite claim the back as finished, as the stripe sequence is a bit… off. While idly reading through the pattern after finishing the back, it became apparent that I really hadn’t paid enough attention. On the right hand side of the photo is the back piece and on the left hand side is the in-progress front piece, featuring the correct stripe sequence.

Normally a mistake of this size would result in the offending project (because it’s obviously its fault and not mine) being placed (or tossed, depending on mood) into a corner so it can think about what it’s done. Projects like Matt’s Suave Sweater received such punishment. This project’s a bit different. I kept going, following the pattern properly for the front. It really comes as no surprise, but it does look better with the correct stripe sequence. So once the front is finished, I’ll rip out most of the back and redo it.

The ribbing is excruciatingly boring and the combination of 100+ stitches, 4ply yarn and 3.25mm means it’s by no means a quick knit. However, the non-ribbing sections are really enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like.

I’m hoping I’ve turned a corner as a result of this recent large boo boo. Hopefully I’ll avoid the silly mistakes by not rushing into a project. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more relaxed when things go awry. I’ll just have to wait until the next spate of dufferism to find out I guess!

3 Responses to “Persistence makes the heart grow fonder”

  1. Gretel Says:

    Wow~ You are a great knitter! I’m very jealous!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Oh, I love this WIP! Just so beautiful. Bummer about the mistake. I probably wouldn’t be able to live with it either, but then when I think about all that work … still you have to be happy with it!

    And gosh you have a great idea for colour! Those colours are just perfect together, and also would be great for you!

  3. bells Says:

    Dufferism. He he. Great word. Looking fab! I know what you mean about that rib though. I did a 4ply vest with loads of rib. Oh lordy.

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