WIPs aren’t nearly as fun to photograph as FOs, but I’m finally starting to enjoy the process of finishing up this one.

I started Salina from Vintage Style about a year ago, and although I had finished knitting it ages ago, the seaming really tripped me up. The first time I set the sleeves in, it was in a haphazard ‘she’ll be right’ manner. She really wasn’t right, so the second time I was a lot more careful, pinning and basting the sleeves in before seaming. The results are a lot better using the latter method, I think.

The sides are now being seamed up, and although it seems to be taking forever (seaming in front of the computer probably isn’t really helping its progress), I am enjoying watching it finally come together.

Now as it’s nearly finished, my mind’s been turning to the next project that I’ll finish up. Although it makes progress seem really slow, I am determined to finish most, if not all, of my half finished projects this year. It does mean that I pretty much only knit on the bus to and from work, while finishing work happens at home, but it’s a nice to feel that projects are being seen through to completion, no matter how long it takes.

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  1. Jejune Says:

    I’m sure it will look fantastic when it’s all seamed – doing it properly makes such a difference (not that I speak from experience, no, not at all, cough cough 😉

    Good luck finishing off your half-done projects!

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