FO: Liesl

I really don’t have much to say about Liesl, except that I’m delighted with her, and a little disappointed it’s too cold to wear her out at the moment.


Vital stats:

around about 6.5 balls of Alps Merino Washable, 482 (brown)
7mm 100cm circular Addis.
Start: June 2008
Finish: July 2008

I liked that the pattern has scope for modifications based on how long you wanted the sleeves and body, and how high you wanted the neck. I really enjoyed being able to choose my own adventure.

An added bonus was the fact that I only had to buy the pattern, and the thread to sew the button on. Not exactly sure why I bought this yarn originally, I suspect it was an episode of dilated pupil ‘I must have this yarn because it’s so cheap’ that I seem to suffer from every now and again. It had been marinating in my stash for around 2 years, I had no idea what I was going to use it for.


The button was from a jar of buttons I bought at a garage sale ages ago. I never noticed it before, it was only when I was going through my button collection to see it anything suited that it leapt out at me.

Liesl was my first experience with a top down jumper, and I think I’m hooked. Being able to try it on while you’re knitting is possibly the best thing ever.

3 Responses to “FO: Liesl”

  1. Georgie Says:

    Top down is so ace! Lovely pattern, and gogeous button. Nice work – roll on warmer weather!

  2. Jejune Says:

    Top down is the best – and your Liesl looks beautiful. Great job!

  3. missfee Says:

    yum – gorgeous colour and i have this one in my want to do list too

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