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BWM 2015 shade card round up

2015 BWM Shade Card

I’m not much of a yarn collector, but the release of the Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card in March each year is one of my favourite annual yarn events. It’s not as much a surprise as in previous years, because the new colourways seem to be put up on the Bendigo Woollen Mills website prior to the shade cards arriving. However, it’s till fun to pour over the little samples of yarn, celebrating the additions and mourning the losses.


  • Sorbet (peach, shade number 350), Bermuda (mid blue, 352) and Sangria (maroon-ish, 351) added to the 8 ply range
  • Baby Blossom (light pink, 321), Tangerine (orange, 347) and Bermuda added to the 10ply range
  • Baby Pink (very light pink, 318), Autumn Glow (rusty red, 362) and Pine (dark green, 305) discontinued in the 8ply range. No colourways were discontinued in the 10ply range.


  • Teal (694), Aubergine (730), Burnt Orange (767) and Bright Lavender (768) added to the 8 ply range
  • Smoke (736) added to the 2/3/5/8/12 ply range
  • Nectarine (light rusty red, 616), Midnight Green Mix (dark green marl, 755), Evergreen (forest green, 766) and Currant (reddish purplish brownish, 761) have been discontinued in their entirety. Rosebud (light pink, 669) now only available in 8 ply.


  • Beryl (deep pink, 159), Blue Zircon (mid blue, 160) and Tanzanite (tealy blue, 161) added.
  • Citrine (light yellow, 109), Pink Pearl (light pink, 112) and Peridot (light yellow-green, 157) discontinued.

There’s nothing of great excitement or disappointment for me in this year’s shade card. Of the colourways that have been introduced, the only one I’m interested in is Sangria in Luxury, but need to see it in the ball to get a better idea of the colour. I was quietly hoping that some of the marled colourways in the Classic range would be offered in other plys (plies?), but alas, that was not the case this year. Stella is still not really doing it for me, but I think the general semi-precious stone theme for the colourway names is rather apt for such a shiny yarn.

So, no panic or celebratory purchasing for me this year. What about you?