Racing the weather

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My Cornsilk Pullover is now being seamed up. The back and front pieces are now as one, the collar has been knit, the sleeve caps set and one sleeve seamed. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that the temperature will reach a maximum of 19 degrees in Melbourne on Wednesday, which could be my last opportunity to wear a jumper this year. The question is, will I, or can I, finish it in time?

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There are a couple of things working against me; having to go to work, and knitted pieces pinned together with sewing pins not being particularly conducive to taking onto public transport. Probably the biggest threat to getting this jumper finished in time is my almost compulsive tendency to try the jumper on after every stage of seaming. One shoulder cap set, try it on. Another couple of rows of sleeve seamed, try it on again. A lot could happen, fit-wise, in a few rows.

On the other hand, it’s only two side seams, a sleeve seam and the collar seams to go. I blocked the pieces before seaming so if I was really pushing it, I could wear it in public before giving it all a wash/wet block. Maybe.

See you on Wednesday with either a tale of triumph (featuring a finished object), or a tale about the one that got away.

4 Responses to “Racing the weather”

  1. Lynne Says:

    It was 38*C here on Friday and 35*C yesterday and today – it’s been a long time since I’ve thought about a jumper!

  2. drk Says:

    you will totally get it done because you absolutely have to wear it one time this year, and we need to see a picture of it. it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. jules Says:

    Good luck! Will look out for you out there on Wednesday ; )


  4. Leonie Says:

    Well the weather is certainly cool enough for you today to wear it!
    Also waiting on a picture of it in situ 🙂

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